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    The Challenges of Multifamily Housing - Two-Part Podcast Episode

    Part 1 - Fahe

    Part 2 - Woda Cooper

    Welcome to Bringing it Home with KHC, a podcast exploring the housing industry, trends, and issues facing affordable housing in Kentucky. Our second episode explores the challenges Kentuckians are facing with multifamily housing, which is a universal term for any housing that has more than one unit, including apartments, duplexes, and townhomes.

    Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) funds multifamily development with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, tax-exempt bonds, and the Affordable and National Housing Trust Fund. Developers use those funds to create housing units for low-income Kentuckians. This year, KHC funded 13 new projects with more than $12.5 million in tax credits as well as $8.5 million in new funding provided by the American Rescue Plan.

    In this episode, we speak with Jim King, the president of Fahe, and David Cooper, the president and chief legal counsel of Woda Cooper Companies, to discuss the trends, challenges, and solutions for the problems facing multifamily housing.

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