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    Kenny Bennett - KHC Loan

    Kenny and Lisa Bennett met lender Brad Chambliss through a realtor. At the time, their finances and credit were not in a favorable position to purchase a house.

    “Brad was a champ with getting that cleaned up,” Kenny said, “and getting us into our first house.”

    Homeowner Kenny Bennett talking with KHC staff

    Brad did this, said Kenny, by developing a road map for the Bennetts. Kenny remembers Brad saying, “Follow this map, and within 90 days, 180 days, I’ll have you where you need to be.”

    True to his word, Brad’s plan worked: their credit improved and they were able to buy a house in less than a year. They have since upgraded homes twice, going through Brad and KHC for the loan each time.

    “The thing about Brad that’s unique with him is even though he’s the president or owner of that branch, he gives you his cell phone number,” said Kenny.

    And if he doesn’t answer, he always calls back.

    Brad’s commitment to helping people extends well beyond lending, said Kenny. He recalled a time when their house had lost power during an ice storm.

    “Brad called,” said Kenny, “and he said, Hey, are you guys okay? Do you need my camper? That’s just the kind of guy he is.”

    Kenny said that being a homeowner is “very” important to him and his family.

    “I want my kids to understand you got to be stable. You can’t just be moving from place to place to place. You’ve got to have a foundation set up.”

    When asked about his experience with Kentucky Housing Corporation, Kenny said “common courtesy and professional courtesy go a long way.”

    “I really believe, by talking to some of the people in Kentucky Housing,” said Kenny, “that if I ever fell behind on a house payment—which I don’t think, but again things happen—I truly believe that Kentucky Housing would probably find ways to try and help [me] stay in the house.”

    He also appreciates that KHC’s operation is right here in Kentucky.

    “What I like about Kentucky Housing, too, is when you call a 1-800 number, you’re getting somebody in Kentucky,” he said. “And I’ve never talked to anybody that was rude. I’m not being treated like a number. I’m actually being treated like something matters.”

    See the full interview below.


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