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    Elisabeth and Logan - KHC Loan

    Elisabeth and Logan were probably two of the happiest people to ever enter Re/MAX Elite Realty’s doors. They described themselves as “beaming from ear to ear” and gleefully signed mountains of documents to close on their second home.

    To them, the formalities were worth it. They never thought this day would come, and it was all thanks to Cassie Beach of Re/MAX Elite Realty and Kyle Best of Geneva Financial, both of Richmond, who regularly partner to help local families find and purchase their dream homes.

    Logan and Elisabeth

    Elisabeth and Logan had long outgrown their current home. As a family of six living in a one-bathroom house, Elisabeth watched every night as the line for the bathroom grew longer, but with increasing home prices, fluctuating interest rates and low housing stock, finding a suitable, affordable home for their family was difficult.

    “We had to get creative to find a place that would accommodate our family,” Elisabeth said. “We considered every option from new construction to historic homes, and Cassie was very patient. She helped us find the perfect home for our family.”

    Once they found a place, they had to act quickly. Not only did they have to sell their existing home, but they also had to secure financing for their new home.

    Logan was nervous. The couple owns a small business, and he works as a Madison County firefighter, both of which make calculating annual income tricky for a lender.

    Cassie connected the couple to Kyle, who assuaged all of the couple’s fears.

    Elisabeth and Logan 2

    “Kyle has been amazing,” Logan said. “We never had to worry about anything with him. Every time I would get off work, I would call Elisabeth with a question, and she would say, ‘We already talked about that, and Kyle already answered it.’ He worked so quickly and made sure there was never a problem.”

    Kyle processed the family’s loan through Kentucky Housing Corporation loan program, providing them a below-market interest rate. Furthermore, Kyle’s advice helped them save hundreds on their monthly mortgage payment and free up some cash flow, better positioning them financially once they moved into their home. 

    “I would call it concierge service,” Elisabeth said. “Kyle has been wonderful. He has been so responsive. Every question I have had, he answered. He was so prompt with his communication, so we were never left wondering or worrying. He guided us through any complicated issue and carefully explained every step of the process. He has been amazing, and he got us not only an amazing rate, but cleared to close in two weeks.”

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