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    Intro to Kentucky's Housing Supply Gap Analysis

    Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC), with the help of Bowen National Research, is conducting a comprehensive housing supply gap analysis in Kentucky to help agencies, housing providers, housing developers, and nonprofit organizations better understanding the existing housing market.​​

    The aim of this research project is to assist decision makers across the Commonwealth in updating their intervention strategies, including land use and zoning decisions, and encourage housing development projects that meet market demand and disaster-related recovery efforts.​

    Key objectives of the project include:

    • Inventory current and future housing supply shortages for Kentucky's 120 counties.​
    • Identify strategies to increase the Commonwealth'​s supply of housing.
    • Engage partners in pursuing solutions.​​​

    KHC will share resources on the webinar that individuals, communities and agencies can use to understand local and state housing gaps and to discuss ways to increase the housing supply.  Make sure to subscribe to our eGrams to be alerted when additional information becomes available.

    Additional information about the importance of the analysis and the continuum of housing can be found in our Housing Supply Gap Flyer.

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