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    Charlene Mason - From Sparrow Ridge to Haven Crossing

    Charlene Mason

    Last summer, Charlene Mason was one of the first residents to move into Sparrow Ridge, a 96-unit affordable housing option for seniors in Hebron, Kentucky.

    “I made friends there,” she said. “It was always good for me.”

    This year, however, she decided that she needed more space, so she moved 20 miles south to the brand-new Haven Crossing, a 56-unit affordable housing development in Walton. Both are Woda Cooper properties.

    She is thrilled, she said, to be able “to live in a place this nice.”

    Over the past 30 years, she has accumulated a comprehensive collection of glass, metal, and stone beads. She integrates beads with macramé pieces to make one-of-a-kind jewelry. The second bedroom will be her workshop.

    In addition to the apartment and all the amenities, which include a space for grandchildren to play, an exercise room, and laundry facilities, among others, Charlene appreciates the location.

    “It’s convenient, for one thing,” she said. “Kroger is right there. If I don’t feel like driving my car, I can walk. Good exercise.”

    A public library is under construction next door, and the fire department, a health care facility, and several restaurants and other stores are all within walking distance.

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