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    Podcast Interview - Cara Brookins - #KAHC18

    Kentucky Housing Corporation's Executive Director, Edwin King, sits down with Cara Brookins. She is best known as the mom who built her own house using YouTube tutorials. She has been entertaining, educating, and inspiring audiences with her keynotes and presentations since 2004, and will be a plenary speaker during our 2018 Kentucky Affordable Housing ConferenceThe Power of Housing is Now—on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 21 and 22, in Lexington, Kentucky.

    Cara is the author of eight books, including "Rise, How a House Built a Family", which tells the story of building her 3,500 square foot house with the help of her four children by watching YouTube tutorials and googling things like foundation work, plumbing, and gas lines. News of Cara's story went viral in more than 65 countries and was viewed a billion times. Rise, has now been optioned to become a major motion picture. Inspiring audiences to build bigger lives remains her greatest passion.

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